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 Vitamins in a Bottle!

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

I love the ingredients in Brilliantly Me! After just one usage, I found that my skin appeared brighter and softer to the touch. I've paid much more for products that do not have 1/4 of the natural excellent ingredients that Brilliantly Me contains. I look forward to continuing using it and seeing the awesome benefits it has to offer.

 The Toner I didn't know I needed!

Reviewed in the United States This is the most refreshing toner I've ever used! It takes off all the excess dirt and you can really feel a DEEP cleanse afterwards. It smells fantastic not to loud just right. I can use it even without having cleanse my face as a refresher also which is what I love. I've been seeing drastic evenness with my skins tone and texture while using this!

 Highly recommended

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

I have been using this product for two weeks now and I love it. At first I was hesitant to try it because I have very sensitive skin and it breaks out very easily but I have not had one breakout. This cream is very hydrating, has evened out my skin tone, and has gotten rid of some of my hyperpigmentation. It is a thick cream but not heavy on my skin and does not leave me greasy which was another concern I had. The light citrus smell of this moisturizer is my favorite. I will be repurchasing this product once I run out.

 Love this product

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

I have been using this product for two weeks. I can easily recommend it. It has definitely brightened my skin and left it feeling soft. This product does what it says.

Great Product!

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

Skin feels great immediately after use. Smells fresh and clean. Most importantly I love the natural ingredients- I have sensitive skin.

 Didn't realize how important it is!

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

First of all I had no idea how important toner was, after watching the video on their social media I began to use it more often! It does not dry out my skin but leave it feeling fresh. I noticed a big difference when I started using it regularly! I have some acne because of food allergies and I noticed that it helped clear them up a bit. Pretty cool! I definitely recommend this product along with the rest of the line!

 Favorite Cleanser!

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

I love the texture of the cleanser, it’s really creamy and glides on smooth. A little goes a long way which means the quality is high and rich. Skin feels refreshed immediately after use and goes great with the toner.

 A satisfying cleanse!

Reviewed in the United States  Verified Purchase

The texture of this cleanser is soft and it smells great! Like a mild tangerine. What I love most about it is that I was able to get a good cleanse without my face feeling dry or tight! How many times can one say they've used a cleanser and they're face felt moisturized? This product is absolutely amazing!

 Skin feels amazing!

Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase

I LOVE this line! This leaves my skin sooo soft after washing that I sometimes feel like I don't have to moisturize! (I still do). I can't remember ever using a line that has left my skin so soft and smooth! Love it and definitely