From Our Founder

After the birth of my Beautiful Daughter, Riley, I started experiencing Post-Partum Skin changes: Dry and Oily Skin, Acne Breakouts and consequently; Excessive Hyper-pigmentation, Uneven Skin Tone and Texture. I tried to find the solution by visiting endless Dermatologists & Aestheticians but to no avail. My Skin was left feeling dry, dehydrated & painfully flaky. After years of this never-ending cycle, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started studying the power of plant-based nutrition, herbs and what  our skin needed in order to remain healthy & radiant. I focused on creating formulas that were Nutrient Rich, Exotic & Powerful, made from Plant ingredients, that heal; only like nature can. I believe the foundation for healthy skin is nourishment. This Journey started with me desperately needing to heal my own skin Post-Partum but I soon realized that many women share my experience. We want Clean beauty  with uncompromising ingredients that really work. We want the Luxurious Experience. We want to indulge our senses. We want true Results without Compromise. 

That is the RILEY JADE 1960 experience. We Are The New Face Of Beauty. Join us.


Con Mucho Amor,

Liz K. Founder & CEO